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My360Goals | Complete 360 Feedback & Goals.

My360Goals is an innovative 360 review tool that allows you to review your current performance from multiple angles as well as plan goals and get direct feedback on your personal and professional development.

Why use My360Goals?

Every organisation knows the value of objective, honest feedback. The 360 degree feedback process is the best method for gaining a complete view of your capabilities from the perspective of those working with and around you. Only once you’ve gained self-awareness can you properly direct your development effectively though setting goals and planning.

As experienced practitioners of the 360 feedback process, we believed it could be further improved by adding goal setting to help employees follow through on their development. My360Goals meets this need with its flexible online platform designed to quickly and easily gain feedback and goals over a six month period.

My360Goals allows you to gain confidential, constructive feedback quickly and simply from respondents then direct your own development and continue receiving feedback to objectively asses your progress.

Feedback tailored to your business

Develop your organisation’s leaders and managers, enhance your sales professionals and build strong teams with specific 360 feedback questionnaires targeted to what you need. Choose from four dedicated feedback sets focused on: leadership development, management, sales and emotional intelligence. Or, alternatively, let us build your own bespoke feedback sets based on your organisation’s values.

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What are the Benefits of using My360Goals?

Practical and actionable

Rather than sitting gathering dust in a desk drawer, My360Goals takes the 360 feedback process and transforms it into a practical, actionable plan to help employees develop using objective, honest feedback from those around them.

Empowering and engaging

My360Goals allows you to place responsibility for managing development into the hands of your employees. By giving them all the tools they need to gain their own feedback, then direct where their attention should be focused through their goals, engagement in the process increases.

Enhancing the appraisal process

Implementing My360Goals alongside your existing appraisal process gives you a sound basis for future conversations with employees and a better understanding of your organisations strengths and weaknesses from a developmental perspective.

Simple, easy-to-use interface

Designed with simplicity in mind, My360Goals keeps the feedback and response mechanism as simple and easy-to-use as possible. No technical knowledge is required keeping support requests to a minimum and ensuring maximum engagement from employees.

Self-managing and convenient

Keep paperwork to a minimum while maintaining control over the 360 process with our fully automated system. Gain a quick snapshot of feedback and goals for each employee in real-time or a wider view across the whole organisation quickly and easily whenever and wherever you need it. My360Goals streamlines the process so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Tailored to you

With a selection of targeted question sets you have access to all the feedback tools required to develop every part of your organisation from managers to sales teams. And if you need even more bespoke feedback based on your company’s values, we can tailor the feedback process even further.

Pricing - How much does it cost?

The My360Goals system was designed to bring the 360 feedback process to as many businesses of different sizes as possible without the associated big business costs. Using a straightforward credit system, buy as many or as little reports as needed for your organisation.

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Read how my360Goals is changing how companies work:

boohoo have used my360goals to support our Leadership Development Programme. It has been very successful in breaking down barriers in communication and empowering our Managers to drive their development and their teams, with greater self-awareness through 360, there has been significantly improved performance management. My360Goals team commitment and support has been fantastic. We now have a solid platform to build and develop a feedback culture in a growing business

Tania Morgan
Learning and Development Manager

Being able to bespoke the questions to fit our business values and competencies and then use my360Goals as part of continuous development has lead to our team of General Managers owning theirs, and their teams, development. Being able to gain the insights from the feedback has proved invaluable in the growth of the business

Nicky Kelland
HR Learning and Development Manager
DX Group

This particular tool is by far the best and most intuitive 360 feedback site I have ever used. I was able to pinpoint my clients requirements perfectly as I can change the questions to fit each each companies values.

I love how its all managed online, straight forward and most importantly it works perfectly. This is a very cost effective way to manage this process as the use of credits system means I can bulk buy reports to make this even more economical.

Stephen Reilly
Managing Director
SWS Coaching ltd